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Meditation can be hard in this busy world, so I created an 11 minute and 11 second meditation using sound therapy, binaural tones and my own voice. This is a guided meditation which takes you through step by step instructions to activate your warrior energy.

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Since returning from his spiritual pilgrimage to The Amazon Rainforest in 2014, Marv Radio has been deveoping his own forms of sound therapy, which he calls “Elevator Therapy” He ran his first Elevator event in 2016 and runs events bringing together a diverse range of people to unite through breath and sound. Marv has lead healing and meditation classes for children and adults in Ecuador, Gambia, Thailand, Spain and all over the UK. Marv ran The Elevator at Edinburgh Fringe 2018, offering donation based classes to performers and festival-goers. He believes meditation should be enjoyable and not just a chore and runs 1-2-1 and group sound therapy sessions, immersing participants in soundscapes combining voice and instruments for a relaxing and consciousness shifting experience that clears, resets and shows people their true power while connecting like-minded conscious beings



Through meditation and sound therapy, people can come back to their true nature, explore their emotions safely and release negative energies and energetic blocks. Sound baths allow a much needed break from the constant barrage of thoughts most people experience in their day to day life. Participants report feeling a sense of bliss, true peace and even visions through the sonic vibrations.

1 Hour Sound Therapyy + Consultation ( 3 sessions recommended)

A sound therapy consultation with chakra toning, aura cleansing and energetic alignment using voice, tuning forks and other instruments. Clears energetic blocks, realigns energy meridians and removes stress, anxiety and fear. Perfect for developing self-love and unlocking internal abundance.

1 hour meditation workshop

Want to meditate and not sure where to start? Learn breathing techniques for energetic balancing and increasing energy flow as well as mudras and tones to align and cleanse your chakras.

Elevator Sound Bath 3 hours, 3 person minimum.

The Elevator is a group meditation and sound bath where you learn to heal yourself using the power of your own voice, relax and receive a shamanic sound bath, share your words, music and poetry and enter a manifestation circle to bring your dreams to life. Book a private elevator session for your special day, event or company (corporate rates vary)

Manifestation Circle, Group Work, 1 hour min 6 people

Use your voice and bodies to let go of what no longer serves you and bring in your abundant blessings.

Individual voice work - one on one or group vocal training, unlock your voice for conscious, creative communication, learn to play with your voice and clear vocal blocks

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