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16th-18th August 2019

4:15pm (16th), 4:30pm (17th & 18TH)

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The Student

When you discover the power of your voice, what will you use it for?

From South London to the Amazon Rainforest - Mantra is a journey into the power of words, sound and music. Join beatbox champion, vocalist and storyteller Marv Radio for a high-energy hip-hop musical about mental health, music, healing and shamanism with an all-vocal soundtrack. “No way this man’s vocal chords are the same as mine… Mind. Blown” – Velvet Box Office May 2018


Mantra is a show like no other with a performer like no other. 3x Team UK Beatbox Champion Marv Radio immerses you in a storytelling adventure that is never the same twice. Weaving together his own stories based on his journey through life, hip hop and spirituality, Marv Radio’s Mantra combines the mediums of rapping, beatboxing, storytelling, movement and improvisation skills to change the way we think about beatbox, spoken word and theatre. Incorporating audience interaction, Mantra is theatre that isn’t scared to break the fourth wall and is never the same twice. Marv Radio tells his story, reminding us of the impermanence and vulnerability in life, in death and in the moment. Taking us with him on his journey of mental health struggles, a suicide attempt, falling off a mountain, being guided by music, learning about meditation, travelling to The Amazon and eventually learning the healing power of sound, Marv shares his darkest and lightest moments in a playful, light-hearted but hard-hitting way. His message is intertwined with pre-written and improvised songs, poetry, sound and movement and aims to bring the audience together in unity through a shared experience that takes us out of our heads and into our bodies and hearts.


Press Quotes:


The Student:


“Immensely impressive”

“Charismatic and funny”

“An emotional odyssey”

Mantra delivers on all fronts.”


The Write Angle

“A must-see show”

“Stunningly beautiful”

“A name to remember”

“Highly recommended”

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