I'm in JAPAN!!!

It seems this has been my greatest travel year to date, starting in Ecuador and continuing to Thailand, Spain, Scotland and now Japan. I applied earlier this year to be part of Awaji Art Circus and was selected as one of 8 companies to take part in this year’s festival.

After a 13 hour flight including a short transfer in Beijing, I arrived at Osaka Kansai Airport. The transfer was so short, in fact that the slightly late arrival of my plane meant I arrived just as my gate was closing and my baggage did not make it out of Beijing.

I took the bus to Kobe and was picked up there. I decided to take some light painting photos of the journey. They looked pretty cool so I’m posting them below


I was the first artist to get here and slept many hours due to my body clock still running on English time. I’m writing this now at 4:24 am Japan time, so clearly haven’t adjusted yet.

To my delight, my roommates are Spanish hang drum and Cello players. The potential to collaborate and make some good music is really exciting.

Today we had our first team meal and the vegan options were great, I met all of the other acts, many of whom are musical as well as some circus performers and a quick change act.

I’m not tired yet (even though I’m up in 4 hours) so I’ve been doing some admin, editing my trailer and making applications to some projects I want to be part of. If I’m tired enough tomorrow night I’ll be able to adjust to the 8 hour time difference (at least in theory)

I’ll be taking photos, filming and updating this blog pretty regularly, so stay tuned to find out what I get up to while I’m here.

Catch you soon :-)