Step Suns: The First Step

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Marv Radio will be performing with acclaimed multi-disciplinary artists Akeim Toussaint Buck and Muti Musafiri to curate a night of exciting theatre combining music, expression, storytelling and movement. The show will include excerpts from all 3 artists' solo pieces, including Marv Radio's "Mantra" which will be presented at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2018, as well as a new piece called "The First Step"; devised and performed as ImOhStep Productions, a new company formed by these 3 revolutionary artists.

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The bill for the evening:

The First Step: Finding one's voice and starting a movement. Devised and performed by  Toussaint To Move, Muti Musafiri and Marv Radio, This piece expresses the struggle in being truly heard and seen, exploring masculinity, isolation and brotherhood through dance, beatbox and spoken word.

Windows of Displacement: Working with dance, song and spoken word, exploring diverse identities in today’s England. Exploring his own experience of being a Jamaican born citizen now a citizen in the UK. with historical as well as current political and socio-economic references. (20 min excerpt)

Mantra: From South London to the Amazon Rainforest - Mantra is a journey into the power of words, sound and music. Join beatbox champion, vocalist and storyteller Marv Radio for a high-energy hip-hop musical about mental health, music, healing and shamanism. (20 min excerpt)

Sanctum: a contiunation of  'Entheogen'  previously premiered in New Zealand, Waiheke Island 2017, Incorporating Visual Arts, Spoken and Movement based expression - Developed within his practise 'Living For:m' One man in his finite roots finding refuge in universal truth withIn an illusory world he must transcend.
(20 min exerpt)