My First Review!

So I just got my first review for Mantra at Edinburgh Fringe. Shout out The Write Angle
 for attending and writing such a beautiful account of the show:

"Marv Radio - beatboxer, vocalist, spoken word performer - presents 'Mantra', a one-hour autobiographical show that takes the audience on a road trip form his South London roots, to the Amazonian rainforest; simultaneously taking us through mental health issues, self-harm, self-healing, shamanism, and the life-affirming joys of creativity.

Marv Radio has created something of outstanding beauty: whether discussing his own pain or healing, the delivery - his faith and his certainty - are never less than stunningly beautiful. The show itself moves easily from spoken parts, to sung, and to beat box - including an impressive impromptu rap based on an audience member's story.

There is a clear brilliance in his art: the soundscapes he creates are quite stunning, and haunting, and moving. There's a real humility in the performer, too. Glancing around the room, it's easy to see that the audience all clearly sense it. There's also passion; passion for creativity, particularly as a way of extracting oneself from pain and distress.

The audience interaction is genuine, and quite touching. It's no act. There is no fourth wall, here. Nor should there be. 'Mantra' is all about connecting; connecting with your self - your flesh and blood, your spirit, your energy - and all of us connecting with each other. It's our guess that today's show would have made many connections with its audience; touching them, moving them, inspiring them, maybe even rescuing them.

Marv Radio may never know any of this, for sure, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that it's good art. This is good art. Good art will always have a good effect. Marv Radio is a name to remember. 'Mantra' is a must-see show. Highly recommended. Pics: Sweet P Photography/courtesy of The Write Angle Words: Max Iantone 15:00 - 16:00 Bar Bados (Venue 32) 4, 5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-25 August"